Jesus Loves Me, and Hiatus

Hi! This is Rosy. So, my family and I are going on a two week trip to the states in a couple days. We will be traveling through several states, and my dad will speaking at a couple different churches. So, sadly, I won’t be posting anything for a couple weeks, maybe a little bit more. … Continue reading Jesus Loves Me, and Hiatus


Rejoice in the Lord

We always knew we wanted to post the song Rejoice in the Lord by Ron Hamilton. When our friend Alex Young suggested it, we decided do it next! We’ve been singing this song for years, and it has been a great encouragement to our family. Rejoice in the Lord 1. God never moves without purpose … Continue reading Rejoice in the Lord

Welcome to The Delightful Dueters!!!

Hello fans people! We're so glad that you're here! We are super excited about this new blog. 😀 Here's what people are saying.   "Oh, this blog is astoundingly smashing!!!" Matilda Witherspoon, imaginary mother of 34. "I had so much fun looking at all the millions of amazing non-existent posts!!! Keep up the good work!" Albertina … Continue reading Welcome to The Delightful Dueters!!!